How to get a girlfriend she really meets your expectations

Are you going to find a girl who can be in a trully relationship with you? This page will go over some of the things you can do that will help your to find the right girl More »

You wanna get laid? Here are you are right

Impress a girl. Demonstrate her something unconventional that makes you to stand out in a gray mass of common people. Without a doubt, you are aware of your being talented and unordinary, nut never make boast of this. Vainglorious guys look repelling. Be confident but not supercilious. More »

How to be calm on a first date

A lot of people stresses how to go on their first date, it is not easy at all, but we are trying to help you about that. Be very Carefully and follow these steps below. More »

How to find hot girl online?

If you want to have any success at all when it comes to using dating sites to meet girl, then you have to be ACTIVE and make things happen. More »

Some tricks in bed,you should know about!

Sex is an extremely intimate part of your relationship, and it should be used to create mutual pleasure. More »


Welcome to my website about how to get a girl

The instant a woman starts viewing you as a potential boyfriend, and believes she can have you as a boyfriend, she puts the brakes on everything. She's got to be careful not to mess this up. And what happens when someone slows things down, tries not to mess up, and puts a lot of pressure on themselves? They muck it up, almost always. It almost never ends well. Our female readers make a good point when they protest that they like guys who pay for them more. Because they really do -- they do like those guys more! They like them so much that they might consider them for a relationship. Which means, of course, that they're certainly not going to go and be so foolish as to hook up quickly with a guy like that. That'd be silly and wasteful. Losing a perfectly good long-term relationship candidate for a night of passion and pleasure. That's the boyfriend dilemma. That's what I'm talking about, and that's why, among many other topics we've discussed on this site, paying for things for a woman makes it less likely that the two of you get together. It's not because women like you less for it, which seems to be what the female commentators on this blog think I'm saying. It's because they like you more.

How to stop being a nice guy?

Nice-guyWhen guys start to seduce and date with women they very often become a nice guy. It is really a big trap for many men. Of course you need to treat women with respect and politeness. There is really BIG different between being good (normal) and being nice guy. Unfortunately you can often get these two characters confused. If you are just normal guy (I mean with normal behavior) who get a lot of women, and believe me, much more than bad guy. While nice guys are forgettable, exemplary, ordinary, and as a result unattractive to the majority of women.

10 tips if your relationship are in trouble

2These are the main rules. In the heat of the moment, they may seem difficult to apply. You and your mate will succeed if you have the honest intention to clean up your relationship, because you can always go back and talk later when you are take easy and in a calm space…(read more)

Pivot game. You still don’t have female wingman, do you?

Pivot-game-female-wingmanPivot game –if you’re side by side with attractive female friend.

Pivot is a girl who helps you to seduce women.

This is based on the fact that the female receive single (emotional switch) – preselection.

Preselection – the quickest way to her heart (body)

How to Text Girls

texting-womenI love how texting can be so crazy at times…we can get away with so much stuff IF you put in the practice in to learn calibration.

Guys are always afraid that giving a girl too much attention will make them look “needy” or like they’re “too into her”.

Texting a girl daily is a touchy subject for some guys since they think that if she’s not texting them first she’s not into them.

Sex On A First Date

first-date-sexLess intelligent, slightly arrogant and mentally stressed young men tend to go for a short-term fix rather than a longer-term reward.

It’s a question on many men’s minds as they sit in a candlelit restaurant on a first date: Will I get laid tonight? Or will she make me wait?